Our Story

When I celebrated my first baby’s birthday, we received 6 gift cards out of 20+ toys. After 2 years, when I celebrated my second one’s first birthday we received 10+ gift cards and 15+ toys. Even till today, there are some gift cards lying around in the cabinet. 

If we have more gift cards, it is normal that we do not track. Of course, there are apps available in the store, but it is only for gift cards and may not remind you. 

For every birthday, I usually receive gifts and coupon code from famous retailers such as Starbucks, Best Buy, Kohls etc. Those will have an expiry date. Again, I do not track it.

That is where the idea of Giftt born.

With Giftt, you can seamlessly track your particulars in an intuitive user interface. You can get unlimited notifications, log unlimited particulars, bring colors to your dashboard, search and more features in the roadmap.

Please check our FAQs and contact us if you have any questions.