June 7, 2018

What expires and what not?

Gift Expiry date

What expires and what not? I hope you got a glimpse about giftt and its features. I request you to sign up for free beta access using this link. In this blog post, we are going to see what expires and what not.


Gift cards don’t expire

Every one knows gift cards don’t have an expiry date unless the store is going out of business. There are billions of gift card unspent till today. The purpose of giftt is not only to track the gift cards which don’t have an expiry date. The main intention is to enable consumers to utilize their money by effectively tracking, managing, and using it on time.

Now I am going to list out what expires and what. Following particulars might not have an expiry date.

Might not have an Expiry Date

  1. Most of the gift cards
  2. Brick and Mortar stores reward program e.g. Best Buy
  3. Some form of rebates
  4. Gift certificates


Have an expiry date

Below are the particulars which will have an expiry date:

  1. Coupon codes
  2. Promo codes
  3. Birthday Rewards e.g. Starbucks
  4. Anniversary Rewards
  5. Points
  6. Cash e.g. Kohls Cash
  7. Some form of Rebates
  8. Virtual Gift Cards

Most of the stuff you own have an expiry date. But we tend to forget and it keeps lying in your inbox or cabinet. But with giftt, you never forget, and you can easily track literally everything and utilize it on time.

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